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Hello everyone!

It has been a busy year and I thought I should post a little update for folks, now that my Halloween season is already starting up!

1> HOOVES:  My hooves are NOT for sale, yet.  In an attempt to keep up with 2 kiddos and 2 businesses, (technically 3 now), I have had to put them on the back burner and keep them there, simmering, for longer then expected.  My husband is keeping a list of people interested in hooves on a queue, please drop him an e-mail if you're interested in ordering a pair(s) and he'll let you know once I have a completed design to work from.

2> HALLOWEEN CUSTOM ORDERS:  So you'd like some horns but want a different design than I have shown, or a fancy finish etc.?  I *do* take custom orders but this is the busiest time of year for me so, if you'd like something custom please make sure to CONTACT ME ASAP, as I probably won't be able to take many after the 15th of September. please carbon copy this e-mail to my husband, also .  He'll be helping me with customers this season.

3> HALLOWEEN MADE-TO-ORDER ITEMS:  Most of the items I make are made-to-order, this means that I get your order and then I make it.  This is the reason for my 4-6 week order process.  If you want an item with a specific color, (that I offer for pre-set colors... the squares of color on the item pages), PLEASE ORDER NO LATER THAN THE 15th OF SEPTEMBER!

4> RUSH ORDER FEES:  This is the fee that I charge if something, ABOVE, is ordered and needs to be to the customer before 6 weeks.  This helps with the increase in s/h of materials as well as s/h to the customer.  Here are the fees, by date:

--------> ORDER PLACED BY 9.15.2010....  NO FEE
--------> ORDER PLACED BY 9.22.2010.... $25 FEE
--------> ORDER PLACED BY 9.29.2010.... $30 FEE
--------> ORDER PLACED BY 10.6.2010.... $35 FEE
--------> ORDER PLACED BY 10.15.2010... $40 FEE

IF YOU ORDER AND DO NOT PAY YOUR RUSH ORDER FEE, AS SHOWN ABOVE: your order will be processed as a regular order and probably will *not*, get to you in time.

NO HALLOWEEN ORDERS WILL BE PROCESSED AFTER 10.15.2010!  I will make the order and ship it, as a non-rush order, which probably will *not* get it to you in time for the holiday.

5> F.A.Q.: "WHY HAVE A RUSH ORDER FEE?"  I am Gypsy~Rose, I can't call in sick or take a day off to care for my children and have someone else fill the orders for me.  I do 100% of the process, (creation, photography, website updating and posting, e-mailing and more!), and have 2 young children, (that just started school... the germs will start coming home soon, if not already).  :)  

Most of my items have to be made one at a time and the creation process is a multi-day, (or multi-week), process.  I can't just bang 10 pairs of horns out in a day... it is a long, drawn out, process to make these designs... but they're worth it in the end!

6> F.A.Q.: "BESIDES ORDERING EARLY, HOW CAN I KEEP THE COSTS DOWN ON ORDERING HORNS?":  I have started carrying stock, on horns and some masks, over the last few years.  This way folks can get horns, in time for Halloween, without paying extra fees.  Many of these designs are custom, so they'll look a little "snazzier" then pre-set colors, (single tone: black, red etc.), so you'll get fantastic horns, on a smaller budget!



I hope this helps to clarify my process and Halloween setup for this year.  The key to getting the horns that you want, without having to pay rush order fees, is to just *order early*!  :)  If people wait until 2 weeks before Halloween they will be hard pressed to get anything but in-stock horns ... which may not be the color or design they'd hoped for.

I look forward to helping you to "be a character" for Halloween!
Shannon, aka Gypsy~Rose
che4u Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thanks, hope you're well! Please let me know what style you're looking for so we can hook you up for the holiday! :)
Wulfemoon Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good luck with the Halloween rush! I still need some horns of your horns...
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September 4, 2010