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Hi all!

It's been a while since I have updated this area...  Here's an abbreviated version of what i have been up to:


====>  accepted into a Graduate Program at Plymouth State University
====>  held the 7th annual NH Renaissance Faire:
====>  took my first graduate class, (online), and had to pay out of pocket... ouch!


====>  had a mini "vaca.", which was actually recuperation from surgery.  :)
====>  attended PortCon Maine as a vendor again and saw a few old friends, and met some new ones:
====>  kids are home from school so bench time has been little to none... doing my best to keep up with orders.  I left my shops in vacation mode until I felt well enough to keep up, (and take care of kids at the same time).
====>  taking two graduate classes this semester, loving it but keeping up is tricky.
====>  BUILDING UP HALLOWEEN INVENTORY in the hopes that I will be able to fill orders from what I have in stock, or very close to it, knock on wood!
====>  Artfire is upping it's fees so I will be sticking to just Etsy shops soon, (99% of the orders I have gotten from Artfire have been self-directed so it's not worth the fees unfortunately).  My costume Etsy shop is here:… jewelry is here:

So, I have been a busy bee and am enjoying my summer... though I am not built for the heat.  I have added notes to my sites to warn folks that I am running behind schedule right now, (due to having less bench time).

Thanks again to my phenomenal customers that have been patient and understood my queue and that life sometimes has to take precedent over costuming... my family and I are very grateful that people have been so helpful and empathic.  I am feeling pretty good and excited to catch up and build up some awesome stock so that folks have AWESOME Halloween Horns options!

Have a wonderful day, I look forward to chatting with you soon!
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  • Drinking: nothing, the coffee's gone. :(
Samantha-Winsor Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
Still love my horns (my profile pic on facebook...I really need a new pic that's isn't from 2007).
che4u Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the note, I am glad that you like your horns. :) If you get a new photo please feel free to send it along or post on DA and I'll fave it. Thanks again!
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