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Hello everyone!  I hope that you have had lovely holidays and a safe, happy New Year!

Things have been crazy here, I finished my Graduate Assistantship for the semester in December, (I'm going to miss our students).  :(  After that I got a little break, (and actually decorated my house for the holidays... that hasn't happened in a LONG time)!

The holidays came and went as quickly as a sneeze and now it's 2012!

I have an upcoming conference that I will be teaching papercutting at, for Plymouth State University and I am looking forward to that.

The jewelry shop has slowly been growing as I add new stock and I am loving working at the bench, though I really do need to organize my workspaces now.

At the end of January I will be starting up my Graduate Assistantship again and will have 2-3 more times the students as last semester!  I am glad I had a small group in the beginning so that I could break in easily.

So, that's life in a nutshell, I look forward to chatting with you all soon!  Please e-mail me directly, as I don't get to log in here as often as I'd like.  Thanks!

Shannon aka Gypsy~Rose
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: my reminder alarm going off and off
  • Reading: the screen
  • Drinking: nothing, the coffee's gone. :(
swandog Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Just curious if you still make unicorn horns? :)
che4u Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for your note! Yes, I still make costume unicorn horns and other styles. Please feel free to check out my site and drop me an e-mail with any questions. I don't get on DA often so please don't note me here, though. Thanks again! [link]
swandog Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Ok thanks! :)
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Submitted on
January 5, 2012